Spider Control In 5 Easy Steps 

Many people have a natural phobia of spiders. Can a spider have eight legs? Or do spiders have hairy bodies? All these types of questions come to the mind of people. Moreover, people don’t feel comfortable around spiders. Even if you just see a spider picture, you may get chills in your spine. Additionally, it is an awe moment when you find spiders on your pillow/bed or when you find these crawling creepies in your bathroom. So, to make your spider-free house you follow some spider control steps. However, controlling spiders is most challenging in autumn. Spiders come into your house with air and coloured leaves. Therefore, for irritating spiders, we have enlisted some spider control steps

5 easy and quick spider control steps 

  • Keep your home tidy: You can only control the spiders to enter. Regular cleaning of your home will prevent spider infestations at your place. Moreover, it will prevent spiders from making their web. Spiders are fond of other pests, rather than people. Therefore, make your place clean and less attractive for other pests. To remove spiders, vacuum your house regularly to give or make a place for spiders to hide. Remove empty boxes from the garage and basement. 
  • Seal up your home’s entry points: Spiders are very opportunist, they see a chance and enter your home quickly. However, spiders enter the house for prey. So, to prevent spiders from entering your home, you must seal up all your house entry points. For example, seal up your house doors and windows. Moreover,  seal any cracks, gaps and holes in your house. Additionally, repair the broken window frames. And fix permanent nets on windows. Thus, follow the above spider control steps
  • Remove waste from your property sides: Spiders love to hide in trees, plants and woodpiles. Moreover, spiders are more attracted to the bin. But during the winter season, spiders love living indoors. That’s why there are more chances of spiders entering your house. Therefore, make sure to clear all the waste from your surroundings. No waste should be at the side of your property. 
  • Switch off your outside lights: Spiders are not attracted to lights, But the insects which they eat are. So, if you want to stay away from spiders, then you must reduce or switch off the outside light. You should replace your house lights with dimmer ones. If there is a need for outside light, especially bright, then make sure to place them away from your house. Hence, using dull lights is one of the most important spider control steps. 
  • Use insecticide and glue traps: Killing a spider is a very bad and dirty business. However, shoe and roll-up newspapers are the best tools for spider control. But spiders leave their nasty mass on your walls. That’s why it is better to catch spiders with glue traps. Critically put these glue traps everywhere in the house. You can place traps in basements, attics and hang out places of spiders. Nevertheless, make sure to always put glue traps away from children. 

However, you can also use insecticides for spiders. If you desire things in your hand, then regularly spray insecticide. So, this will eliminate unwanted pests away from your place. Moreover, safely use the insecticide sprays. Even use a chemical-free spray for spider control. 

Thus, follow the above spider control steps, for effective results. 

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